Industrial Style Partitioning

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Viso Indistrial Partition 2102 One Cardale
Viso Industrial Style 3238

For projects demanding the very latest design aesthetics, Viso Industrial Style Partitioning delivers the perfect solution. Complementing the trend for functional styling, exposed services and brickwork finishes, this industrial warehouse styling offers stunning looks without compromising on performance or acoustic integrity.


The minimalist vertical and horizontal aluminium profiles that distinguish Viso Industrial Style Partitioning, reflect the nostalgia of past industrial work spaces. This is combined seamlessly with the elegance and practicality of modern high performance partitioning. The effect is incomparable, creating an environment that yearns for the bygone days of mass industrialisation, whilst being fully up to date with contemporary interior design.


Viso Partitions supply Industrial Style Partitioning profiles in black and graphite grey as standard. We can also supply profiles in a wide range of RAL colours to complement your interior design and corporate branding. The banding permits the partitioning to be used simply with clear glazing, without the requirement for additional graphics or manifestation. This is in full compliance with the Building Regulations Document K. However, manifestation may still be added if desired, for privacy, visual interest or building orientation purposes. 


Viso Industrial Style Partitioning is highly versatile. The industrial look banded glazing can be installed with any of our single or double glazed partitioning systems and on any project. The integrity of acoustic performance is not compromised at any point. The styling continues from the walls onto the doors, offering the continuity of this distinctive appearance. This ensures that maximum light ingress is achieved and a cool, contemporary finish to your project.


For projects that require an aesthetic link between the partitioning and an industrial building environment, Viso Industrial Style Partitioning delivers the perfect result. But this latest development in partitioning style also offers so much more. It allows interior designers and building owners the opportunity to make a bold statement, whilst creating an on-trend environment that employees will enjoy working within.



Up to 3200mm high



6mm to 12.8mm



Up to 50dB (Rw)

(Double Glazed)

Viso Deflection Head


+ 15mm /- 15mm



Wide choice of colour finishes and manifestation

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