Single Glazed Partitioning

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Viso Single Glazed Partition 2103 Eastleigh Ambulance Service

Viso Single Glazed Partitioning is ideal for applications where space is at a premium, but the illusion of spacious, separate work environments is desired at competitive prices.


The full height frameless appearance is created by minimalist translucent joints, complemented by ultra slim base, head and wall sections in any RAL colour. Viso Single Glazed Partitioning creates imaginative and visually stunning solutions, onto which can be applied an infinite choice of film graphics or the option of switchable glass.


However, aesthetics does not mean that performance is compromised. Viso Single Glazed Partitioning can deliver excellent acoustic performance.


A choice of fully compatible frameless, framed or sliding doors – including Manet Doors and Trojan Doors – complete the diverse design options available.


To download our single glazed partitions data sheet, please click here.



Up to 3500mm high



10mm to 15mm



Up to 39dB (RW)

Viso Deflection Head


+ 15mm /- 15mm



Fully compatible frameless, framed or sliding doors design options available.

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