Switch Glass

Viso-Curved-Partitions-Switch-Glass on

Switch Glass OFF – Opaque

Viso-Curved-Partitions-Switch-Glass off

Switch Glass ON – Clear

Viso Partitions now offer the very latest technological breakthrough in glass office partitions – Switchable Smart Glass, often referred to simply as Switch Glass or Smart Glass. This ingenious innovation offers the building user privacy on demand. Switch Glass instantly transforms clear partition glazing to opaque at the touch of a switch. This delivers optimum privacy when required, whilst retaining the minimalist appeal of frameless glass partitioning.


Switch Glass can be incorporated into any Viso Partitioning System. This includes single glazed partitions, double glazed partitions and the very latest industrial style partitioning systems. Indeed, Switchable Smart Glass is the perfect addition to industrial style partition projects, complementing the architectural aesthetics. Switch Glass can be easily added to facetted and curved glass partitions, in addition to standard straight glazing. 


For projects that demand a distinctive appearance, coloured Switch Glass can even be offered, providing a splash of colour as well as privacy on demand. The finished results are stunning and can be used to coordinate with corporate branding, indicate zones within a building or simply to create a cool, contemporary appearance.

How Switch Glass Works


Switch Glass consists of 2 sheets of partition glazing, laminated with a centre layer of special switchable film. This central layer contains liquid crystal molecules sandwiched between two conductive films. When a low power current is applied, the molecules align themselves into uniform lines. This makes the glass transparent to visible light and the glass looks clear. When the power is turned off, the liquid crystal molecules become randomly arranged, blocking light and making the glass look opaque.


Only a tiny current is required to switch the film from clear to opaque – consuming less than 6W per square metre. This can be achieved at the flick of a switch, or via a wireless remote control for ultimate convenience. In the event of a power failure, the glass returns to the opaque state for safety and optimum privacy.


Switch Glass is an excellent alternative to internal blinds within double glazed partitioning systems. Boardrooms and meeting rooms can be made private instantly. This is ideal for executive or client meetings, one-to-one discussions or simply to create a quiet zone when you need to concentrate on a task. As Switch Glass can also be used in single glazed partitioning, it provides a unique solution. Normally in these situations, cumbersome external blinds have to be fitted or large areas of the glazing have to be permanently covered with manifestation. External blinds can gather dust and be easily damaged during operation. Alternatively, more costly double glazed partitions with internal blinds have to be specified. The perfect solution is Switch Glass – clean, simple, economical and instantaneous.


Viso Partitions work in partnership with LT Smart Ltd, to provide Switch Glass as an option for any of our partitioning systems. If you require more detailed information on Switch Glass, or to discuss a project, please contact us.


Images courtesy of LT Smart Ltd


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