Rethinking : Work Space


Introducing ‘Nomad‘ by Viso.

Designed to offer simple functional, easily upgraded furniture to foster collaboration in new ‘hybrid’ work environments.


Activity Based Working (ABW) is centred on the idea that you perform different tasks each day and need a variety of environments to carry out your work, efficiently and effectively.


You might be working from home, a hotel, holiday villa, coffee shop – the list goes on and on – but in each of these places you need the tools and space to best do your job.


The new activity based workplace is all about flexible, dynamic spaces that can change and adapt as the needs of the business and workforce change.

‘People now value flexibility to both work remotely and collaborate with each other in well designed workspaces.’

Specification & Features


Many companies are anticipating that people will be in the office 2-3 days a week and work elsewhere the rest of the time.


This is causing a shift from assigned workspace to ‘hotelling’, where you reserve a desk in advance and ‘hotdesking’ where desks or meeting spaces are selected on arrival.


Creating a space that addresses the physical and emotional health and well being of its occupants matters even more now than ever before.


‘Its about offering choice’


Nomad furniture can be easily upgraded to offer the choice to meet, work, or connect safely with the addition of UVC purified air delivery cassettes.


Designed to deliver ‘purified air’ in our pods, ‘touch down’ task and meeting furniture, everyone can now choose the location and space they feel best suits their own wellbeing.


Complemented by free standing space dividers, ‘Ziggurat’ and ‘Castrum’, the whole range is available as standard with black, white or yellow metal work or any RAL as a custom order. Furniture featuring built in planters or troughs come complete with faux plants as standard.


Chose from our extensive range of MFC worktops and panels for pods and touchdown work surfaces.


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